Tempting Shortcuts
Working notes on the slower path

Notes on...


Education Technology organisations

Audio for forums

social learning


notes on annotation tools and discussions

Using APIs for fun and automation

Apple's AppleID and iCloud and iTunes and ...

Apps for tracking runs

Artificial Intelligence

Learning about Awk

Running backups on Mac

Notes on Bibtex and bibliography management


Understanding and dealing with DNS

Getting up and running with Docker


DS101 notes

Energy and solar

git notes

Notes on installing R and modules

Using a Kobo e-reader

Notes on using LaTeX

Using Linux on your laptop

Ansible for Mac automated setups

Mac and external displays

Bluetooth on a Mac

security on a Mac

Sleep and Hibernation on a Mac

Dealing with various things on a Mac

notes on setting up and using mailgun

Dealing with MS Word

Using Nextcloud (or Owncloud I guess)

notes on opensourcing a project

Using PHP


The Vortex Pok3r

Mutt for email

Ruby and AI

Notes and tips for Ruby

notes and thoughts on self-driving cars

Notes on rolling out tmux

Setting up two-factor authentication

Notes on using R

ViM - my editor of choice

notes on various virtualisation approaches


Some notes on climate change and sustainability


what are we learning about our brains?

Some notes on Co-Operatives

How food affects your health

Information Misinformation Propoganda Post Truth

writing a manifesto

Procrastination: I'm writing this instead of...

Some notes and links on reading

Watches for running with

On taking up running

Notes on Whiskey