Tempting Shortcuts
Working notes on the slower path


How did I get to here?

I started my career with a mix of web development and systems administration, working for http://powerserve.com.au and then at http://infoxchange.net.au.

I took time away from web development, studying theology and providing IT support in one of Victoria’s largest primary schools.

After completing studies I worked for http://www.tear.org.au as their IT manager and helped to develop the first version of http://usefulgifts.org.

An opportunity arose to move back into education and so I became the IT manager for http://tabor.vic.edu.au. I’ve spent 7 years here grappling with the intersection of Theology, Education and Technology; and we are now known as Eastern College Australia

When people ask what I do, I generally say “my role goes from ‘if it plugs in it is my problem’ through to ‘5-year technology strategy for a private higher-education provider’”

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