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Personal Podcast Station

With the advent of iTunes it seemed that many people flocked to that platform to put up their podcast channels and so we subscribed through there. That was our introduction to the world of podcasting.

But Apple’s podcast app pretty much sucked.

Well the last year or two has seen a resurgence in podcast production and services and apps to support that. One that I use a lot is Huffduffer.

Huffduffer seems to be built with a specific use case in mind. You know the situation where you come a across a radio show or a lecture recording and you want to listen to it? But you don’t want to manually download it, drag it into itunes etc or subscribe to their whole back-catalogue, you just want this episode. So what do you do? You huffduff it. After signing up you can simply add the url of the audio to your account, add a title and description and hit save. There’s also a plugin to enhance that process.

The magic is that Huffduffer creates a feed for your account which you then subscribe to on your favourite podcasting app. It syncs up and you have your own podcasting channel of whatever eclectic things you’d like to listen to.

As an example, you can take a look at what is in my queue and even subscribe to it if you’re so inclined. Let me know if you do.