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On taking up running

At some point in June 2017 I decided to make a habit of spending early mornings on Mount Dandenong. This began as a walk along a 5km bush trail that evolved into a run along the same path and then into 10km runs along local tracks.

I began tracking my runs using apps on my phone which gave me some data.

Sites that are helpful or have specific running gear

Diet considerations


Once I had built up to 5k or so, tThe first area that I tackled was cadence. The Garmin helps here, and I am getting consistent at 164-6 spm.

heart-rate I have been working on both increasing my running distance, from 5k to 10k and reducing my heart-rate to be under ‘zone 5’ (hence the Garmin).

I feel comfortable at that distance, so the next phase is to train for speed and efficiency over that distance. A couple of training plans might help me be intentional here:

And of course there is dealing with fatigue

Longer Training


I was quite careful in shifting the emphasis of the run/walk, not running downhill for months and then slowly building up my distance.

But one of the issues that developed has been IBS - Iliotibial Band Syndrome. And one of the causes is running on a cambered track - as in running the same course and in the same direction which puts differing pressures on the hip area. I thought the track was relatively flat!

The good news is that you can do stretches and strengthening exercises.

There are also some strengthening work you can do to build up the hip area. And maybe foot strength is important.


Other events

Audacious goals

One of the things I love is being out on the trails in their wild variety of conditions. So I have been toying with the idea of going for long runs. Here are some links that outline the journey