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Watches for running with

You can use a smartphone for the tracking of your runs, and it seems that many have.

Alongside the above apps, one can use a dedicated device for recording data. This relieves you of running with a phone in your pocket (or on your arm if you want). I started looking into some options, and while TomTom offered a well regarded device in the Runner/Spark 3, they are getting out of the wearables business, which means that ongoing support for the device is quite limited. After reading a few reviews, Garmin’s devices came up frequently. I then discovered that their Forerunner 235 was half price over Christmas.

The device is designed to track running activities, with an internal GPS and can do wrist-based heart-rate monitoring. It also has support for heart-rate zones, such as these which enables you to target a zone and increase your capacity in a consistent manner.

The setup

Watch fields etc.

My current run fields are:

I have tried: