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ViM - my editor of choice

I’ve been coding and administering servers for quite a while now and early on I decide to go with ViM as my editor and begin to learn the deep ways of it.

One liners

When one downloads the ‘citation entry and references’ from the T & F journal sites, it produces an ‘illegal’ bibtex document. This1 will fix up the entries:

%s/@article {,/\="@article{".line(".").","/

installing/updating plugins

The plugin infrastructure for ViM is awesome, for spf13:

cd $HOME/.spf13-vim-3/
git pull
edit ~/.vimrc.bundles.local
vim +BundleInstall! +BundleClean +q


A useful plugin for writing text based notes is vimwiki. I am adopting it based on this post on taking notes


This is a fantastic interface to Git. Code and introduction


recently, this was to add an orgmode vim plugin tools