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Notes on rolling out tmux

For anyone that spends a reasonable amount of time in a terminal, uses Vi, or has adopted a [text based approach], the use of a ‘multiplexer’ is helpful for managing the various terminals that one inevitably ends up having open at any one time.

I have used [screen] for a while, particularly when doing server admin1. Recently, I came across a similar tool, tmux that I thought would be worth testing out. There can be a steep learning curve with some of these things, and tmux was the same. Here are some notes, tips and resources.


tmux configuration


You can move a window between sessions

move-window -t other_session:

And move a pane between windows and sessions

Often you create windows in the order that you need them, but later want to adjust. A useful command is

swap-window -s id -t 1

Other variations are discussed at this SE thread