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Mutt for email

For quite a while I have enjoyed the command-line interface to the computer. And for a command-line interface to email, mutt is fantastic. It can be configured to talk to GMail and is very configurable.

As is the unix way, there are a number of ways of using mutt and an IMAP account (which Gmail offers as an access method). I have an initial configuration where mutt directly talks IMAP to Gmail and this works well, but is slowish as it talks back and forth.

So I did some digging and found Mutt+offlineimap+gmail https://pbrisbin.com/posts/mutt_gmail_offlineimap/. This setup syncs Gmail to a local sets of folders and you point mutt at that. It took a bit to configure and get initially synced up which was when I found an oddity in the folder naming. More digging and the above link is the older way that he does it, and he has moved on to using isync

Some discussion around the pros and cons of each

The isync setup is light and fast. More configuration information can be found at http://isync.sourceforge.net/mbsync.html. An example dotfile https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pbrisbin/dotfiles/v1.0/tag-mail-recipient/mbsyncrc

This post helped to get the encryption settings right http://irreal.org/blog/?p=6119