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Sleep and Hibernation on a Mac

There are various sleep and hibernation options available that require a little tweaking via the command-line

Dealing with sleep and wake issues on macOS Sierra

A long time ago a Mac that I used to have suffered from itermittent failures to wake from sleep, particularly when connected to an external display. It would sleep with the lid open and then ‘wake’ when the lid closed.

I now have another similar issue that appears to have started since my upgrade to macOS Sierra. Here, if the laptop goes to sleep while connected to the external display I have in the office it occasionally will not wake back up. Unplugging the display connector does not help and the only course of action is to turn it off. Not ideal.

But macOS does return back with most of the apps back up and running (but oddly from various states in the recent past). Again, good, but not ideal.

So I did some digging around at the issues