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Using a Kobo e-reader

I have a Kobo Aura H20 e-reader.

Being waterproof is definitely an advantage - I once had a water-bottle empty itself in my backpack which had the Kobo. Any other device would not have survived this.

Adobe Digital Editions

This software was giving me grief. I found a forum post that indicated it could have been a Digital Editions version compatiblituy issue and so I downloaded the recommended v2.0.1. But that threw an error. I then discovered that Kobo points to v3.0 so I downloaded and installed that direct link. Another error. This time it was an activation issue that Adobe address, so you can re-authorize your Digital Editions and then you are able to download the content, and after copying it, your Kobo will be able to view it - yay!


New firmware that either fixes issues or adds functionality is made available by Kobo group sporadically.

The forums have a forum thread and now a wiki page with links to the various versions and variants for their devices which enables you to effectively ‘roll-back’ to an older version should the need arise.

From the wiki, download the original firmware and then click on the patching link.

Patches and customisation

  • This thread details a variety of patches that can bee applied to fix, enhance and unlock certain features (it is named Metazoa)

  • And this thread describes many tweaks and hacks for the ecosystem.


A good place to get acquainted with ebooks and DRM is Apprentice Alf’s blog, particularly this introductory guide